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Do you REALLY want your audience to achieve “stretch” goals ? 

Do you want a professional speaker that will

engage your delegates?

“I cannot thank you enough for your INCREDIBLE speech last weekend.The members could not get enough of you and you ignited stars in their eyes.” 

AIESEC conference


“on stage you are a powerful force” – Academy of High Achievers conference

“You created a real BUZZ in the conference room” – Childline conference

Do you want a professional speaker that will “stretch” your audience?


“My book has been short listed for childrens book of the year up against Harry Potter and other such famous titles and it’s made the top 10. Would never have happened without your goal setting pyramid.”



“David’s massive goal principle was a real eye opener for me. It inspired me to quadruple the size of my business in 12 months and made me believe that anything I “really want”, I can achieve.”

G.C. Network2connect.com / BoB Clubs Ltd


Do you want a professional speaker that is fun, challenging, inspiring and has INcredible high content delivery?

David Hyner is an International professional speaker


Oh yes …….. and also


Listed in the International book of WHO’s WHO of professionals



Spent 9+ years in research interviews with top achievers



Author, adventurer and entrepreneur.


Q. Would you like your speaker to have at their disposal, the stories, inspirational attributes and success techniques of the worlds most successful people?

Q. Would you like your speaker to offer a money back guarantee and offer superb value for your investment?

Q. Would you like your speaker to be professional, entertaining, challenging and flexible around the needs of the delegates?

Why Choose David ?

David is an outstanding speaker that inspires through dynamic high energy delivery, motivational communication and the use of simple, easy to apply “success strategies”.

David connects with audiences through masterful use of communication and rapport. His content is taken from his many years of research interviews with some of the worlds highest achievers.

His research demonstrates clearly how highly effective people are not extraordinary but just ordinary people who think and behave differently.

Book David for your next event, let him inspire you and your audience.

“David Hyner….. because not all stretch marks are bad”

Specialist Subjects

Professional Speaking

David holds a gold medal and diploma with LAMDA for professional public speaking, and is an active member of the Professional Speakers Association. He now delivers some of the best professional public speaking courses available in the UK.

The MASSIVE Goal Principle

David will share with you the secrets of setting and achieving targets, goals and key outcomes using a revolutionary new goal setting framework.

Inside the Minds of Top Achievers

After spending a decade interviewing some of the worlds most successful people David shares with you the secrets of their success.

Inspiring Presentations

Do you want to be and inspiring speaker? David will guide you through an inspirational programme that will significantly increase your ability to speak in public.

The Work/Life See-Saw

Maintaining the balance between our work, family and social commitments can be the greatest skill you may ever learn. Learn how some of the most successful people in the world maintain the equilibrium.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to control your feelings and behaviours can be all you need for that competitive edge in the modern workplace. Just imagine being able to deal with any situation in a cool and calm manner. You can!

Educating Education

Have you ever thought of learning how to learn? During this eye opening presentation David will show you that it's not always what you know but how you came to know about it.

Stress Prevention

Who on Earth would want to manage stress, when you can prevent it? David shares the secrets of how highly effective people prevent stress.

Managing Change

The only constant thing is change! The way you respond to change can make the difference between success and failure. David will put you through your paces to experience the effects of change first hand.

Think Positive

We live in a world of negativity where good news is the exception rather than the rule. What if positive thinking was the rule instead of the exception in your business and domestic life. Crazy hey!


David has raised over £300.000 for charities and good causes in his spare time, let him share the secrets of his success with you.

Training Programmes

Personal Development

Success is whatever it means to you. Not everyone has to be the next business tycoon, pop idol or sports star. Why not spend some time and energy developing yourself as an individual to lead exactly the sort of life you want

Other Professional Speakers

David is proud to have worked with many of the most successful people in the world and as a result we are able to bring some of them to join you and your business.

Team Building Events

David has adapted many of the “traditional” team building activities to create ones that enable individuals to learn new skills as well as having a good time. From Abseiling to Zany Adventures, David Hyner has it all!

International Events

David has many experience of organising successful international events. He will encourage you to design events where people can grow as individuals and teams can excel.

Motivational Events

Motivational events can provide the inspiration and drive that an individual, team or organisation needs to help them work at their best.


David is a serial entrepreneur, trainer, researcher and professional speaker.

He built a reputable catering and event management business that he successfully ran for 15 years.

Fascinated by wanting to understand why his business was doing so well, David took it upon himself to spend nearly ten years trying to understand what makes people successful.

After 7 years of research and countless interviews with some of the worlds highest achievers, David couldn’t help but follow in their footsteps. David formed his own training company, Stretch Development and established himself as one of the top inspirational speakers in the UK.

David now delivers his high-energy talks all over the world and is much sought after. Packed with ideas that really work including many references to te inspiring people he has interviewed. David inspires deligates into action.

David holds a gold medal and diploma (alam) with LAMDA for professional public speaking and is an active member of the Professional Speakers Association.


West Bromwich Building Society

“At last, a speaker who walks the walk. I

came away having learnt so much and

having had such a good time”

Professional Speakers Association.

“Easily the BEST showcase speaker

we’ve ever had. I think you left us with

some great stretch marks”

Secondary School Students – Walsall

“Better than double Maths – thanx”

David’s Mother

“The best speaker in the world”

Chrysalis Group

“Dynamic speaker with great communication

and rapport with the delegates”


“Really motivational. We are all looking

forward to achieving our massive goals”

Cancer Research Campaign

“I want these goal setting techniques to be applied nationwide as best practice”

West Bromwich Building Society

“An excellent way of rounding off the day!” - “The best session of its type that I have attended”

Abbey National

“An excellent day, well worth coming”

Birmingham Business Link

“An unexpected trek of self-discovery”

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